AlphaDog Trailer

Load capacity - 550kg

Number of stalls - 3 pcs

The AlphaDog trailer is the obvious choice for those who want to give their dogs the best and can appreciate something that’s a bit extra. The combination of design, safety and ease of use creates the ultimate experience for you and your dogs! 


AlphaDog – When Your Dog Matters.




Key Features

Additional Equipment

These wireless temperature sensors allows you to monitor the temperature of the stalls no matter if you’re driving or standing still.

Spath 14" Aluminium alloy wheels 185/65/R14

We offer two types of paintwork: gelcoat and custom paintwork. Both are available in any colour of your choosing, but the custom paintwork is more fitting for those who want a metallic colour to match your car, for example.

Gel Coat

Custom Lackering

Easy to reach LED-lights on the inside provides a soft glow.

Robust non-slip protection provides a steady grip for materials, cushions, and animals.

These grid doors made of aluminium makes it easy for you to safely keep your dogs in the cart while the front doors are open.

A steady handle on the front bar helps you to drag and move the trailer when needed.

Ventilate the stalls with a fan, perfect for standing still.

Soft, tailored cushions gives your dogs maximum comfort during your travels.

12V Battery in the technical space.

Recessed latches in the front space for a quick and easy securing of the load.

The best looking dog trailer on the market is here!

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