We are AlphaDog

For the past 15 years, technology has developed in a rapid pace, but for dog transportation it has stood still.

This is where AlphaDog comes into the picture – our goal is to become the market leader, with the mission to offer our customers premium designed dog trailers which are always a step ahead, both in design and comfort.

Our story

Dogs have always been a part of my life and being a hunter, it has always come naturally to have several dogs with us at the same time. Having a family and several dogs easily leads to space issues (namely, the lack of it) when going on vacation with the car. This usually ends up with the dogs staying home or with a dog sitter.

These situations happen for hunters as well sometimes. The dogs can’t stay home as they are a part of the hunt, but when going on a hunting trip that takes a few days, it often happens that you either use more cars and you’re all squeezed in together. At the same time, it’s not very pleasant to have a wet and dirty dog in the car when you’ve been hunting in the rain and cold.

As my dogs are the obvious choice for me, I started thinking about getting a dog trailer. I had seen few different types of square boxes on wheels. After some time of unsuccessfully searching for a dog trailer I liked, I started to imagine creating something of my own – did I mention I have an interest in design?

With my experience in the boat industry and knowledge in mold making it was obvious to invest in a shape-designed variant. Today, AlphaDog is Europe’s only designed dog cart. We aim to become the leader of the market, keeping the customer’s needs and communication in focus.

The best looking dog trailer on the market is here!

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