Luxury and comfort for your dog

The AlphaDog trailer is the obvious choice for those who want to give their dogs the best and can appreciate something that’s a bit extra. The combination of design, safety and ease of use creates the ultimate experience for you
and your dogs!

The dogs best
in focus

A modern and smart design gives your dog plenty of space to travel comfortably. The sturdy stalls lets your dogs rest while travelling and the extra storage space makes it possible for you to bring everything you need.


An outstanding and well-planned design makes this dog cart a pleasure to use for both you and your dog. It has a streamlined fibre-glass construction which affects driving comfort, safety, and fuel usage positively.


Its spacious stalls lets the dog rest and recover while travelling. This space also makes the fur dry quicker.


Thanks to the trailer’s construction, both heat and cold are isolated efficiently, while the outer and inner shell is given extra protection in case an accident should occur. A well thought out and agile design with lockable outer doors lets the whole family travel safely.


The trailer has three large stalls which are suitable for both big and small dogs. There is also an extra storage space in the front, where you can keep the dog’s accessories and food.

Passion for quality

The AlphaDog trailer is made with a passion for dogs and quality. The cart is light, nimble and user friendly just as it is safe and durable. It is also easy to clean and keep clean. This is an investment which you will enjoy for many years.

Designed dog trailer

The AlphaDog Dog Cart is the most modern and most stylish alternative to transport your dogs. The cart is made by order and is available in any colour you like and the soft shape with the recessed lights makes the cart extraordinarily stylish.


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Our history

Read about Stefan’s journey from boat builder to enthusiastic dog trailer manufacturer.

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